Monkey beach, home of the Macaque monkeys !!!!

Monkey bite is one of the most common incident that you might encounter during your stay in Phi-Phi island.

There are many excursions for a very cheap price, that will take you to see the beautiful Monkey beach. and it would be very hard to resist. It is a simply stunning 150 m-long strip of white powdery sand surrounded by emerald clear water.

Different means are available for you to get to Monkey Beach;

  1. Hiring a longtail boat near the pier station at the Tonsai bay is the easiest way to do it
  2. But if you are not afraid to make effort, you can rent a sea kayak and row the 40 minute journey by yourself, or with a friend.

Monkey beach is not only famous for its powdery white sand and emerald clear water but its other point of attention is its top class snorkeling spot. The shallow waters surrounding the beach really gives you the feeling of swimming in an aquarium. Most of the tourist visiting the beach was not warn of not feeding the monkeys, so they now expect to get something to eat when they see visitors coming.

Beware of these wild animals behavior and do not get too close to them. Biting and scratching are common things to happen and you certainly do not want to visit World Med Center to get rabies vaccine during your holiday.

But in the event that you got bitten by the monkey, Kindly follow these World Med guidelines;
First Aid money bite wound
First Aid Monkey Bite Wound
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