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Scuba Diving Consultation

Worldmed and scuba diving

Recreational SCUBA ( Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus ) is a very common activity in the beautiful islands of Phi phi. It can provide an enjoyable sport and is safer than many other activities. However, the risk of diving is increased by certain medical and physical conditions. So before you go diving, it is necessary for you to have a consultation with doctors to check if you are all well, fit and safe to go diving. Our doctors can provide you necessary information and check your physical and mental condition before you go diving

Please feel free to download and fill up the attached required PADI Medical Statement Form

Attachment of PADI Medical Certificate:

Pre and Post Travel Counselling

Worldmed Center doctor with patient

The healthcare of every traveller should be prioritized may it be Pre-travel and Post-travel. To make sure that you will have a safe and enjoyable journey, you must seek medical advices regarding the health and disease status of the country that you will be visiting. Our doctors can provide all necessary information before and after you travel.

Work Permit

Work permit

Our doctors can give medical certificates to both Thai and Foreigner who are required to get work permits. The laboratory tests required to get work permit is available and we have packaged medical and laboratory fees.

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