Insurance services

Partner with International Insurance

The World Med Center is partnered with most insurance companies. We are committed to delivering immediate assistance to meet all our patients’ needs for both in- and out-patient services. We want to ensure that you will have a safe, pleasant, cashless and hassle free treatment in our hospital. We are always striving on putting the patient’s needs front and center, without you worrying any medical expenses. We always make every effort to ensure that we could offer you the best service there is.


Our medical insurance team is open and available 24/7 to assist patients to have a cashless service by using their travel insurances. We are partners with a wide range of travel insurances Worldwide as a common feature in international travel insurance plans, cashless medical services does not require the policyholder to pay up front. Instead, healthcare providers will settle your claim directly with the insurer. This insurance billing method boasts a whole host of benefits, including increased payment efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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